Revenue Growth Strategy

The Company

5Ways is a vibrant Foodservice Distribution business established by five passionate individuals who have successfully built a business where continual strong rates of growth necessitated the need to re-visit revenue objectives, existing sales /customer service capability and to determine future requirements in order to effectively manage this growth.

Having invested to get the business fundamentals right through improved back of house and operational processes 5 Ways was seeking to differentiate itself from by growing its share and profitability through enhanced sales force performance, customer service delivery and new business development capability 

The Challenge

  • Leverage 5 Ways recently enhanced operational efficiency and customer service capability to achieve sales revenue, volume, and profit and share growth.
  • Improve financial returns by realigning the 5 Ways business to reduce reliance on flat, declining or at risk categories and customers and embrace new growth opportunities
  • Deliver growth and improved profitability in existing product categories and customer segments via recognising changes in customer, consumer and end-user trends
  • Enter new product categories and customer segments which offer growth and profit potential aligned to 5Ways Foodservice strengths
  • Differentiate 5 Ways from the competitor through enhanced sales force performance, customer service delivery and new business development capability.

How it was resolved

  • Undertake a diagnostic analysis of markets, categories, competitors, customers and the existing 5 Ways business to determine as to how to best differentiate its business model from competitors and meet customer needs
  • Analysis of existing customer base and service capabilities to develop “Go to market “ strategy that creates alignment of products, service levels, customers, people and structure that best positions 5 Ways for growth
  • Identify “unfulfilled opportunities” and “performance gaps” – create a Directional policy matrix to qualify / quantify opportunities
  • Develop assumptions-based modelling supporting and validating objectives utilizing data sourced both internally and externally – a reality check in terms of ability to deliver
  • Provide Strategic “blueprint” to guide decision making and a reference document from which Sales (Revenue Growth) and Operational (Productivity) strategies are to be based 

The results achieved 

Improved weight of distribution in existing customers and expansion into growth customer segments and product categories supported by a highly efficient operational process

Enhanced customer relationships, people development, improved operational efficiencies and customer service performance seen as critical elements supporting 5 Ways broader Away from Home growth.

Created alignment and an ensured focus in supporting 5 Ways Foodservice mantra “… and that little bit more”

“Chris’s engagement in an ongoing advisory and mentoring capacity has been invaluable in assisting us in the development of an enhanced business model supporting our vision for 5 Ways Foodservice. His commercial acumen, strategic insights and expertise have allowed us to develop clarity and alignment of our strategic objectives”

Joey Pollio Director: 5 Ways Foodservice