FoodServeX provides independent advice, another “set of eyes” and experienced resource to assist our clients make informed decisions and develop robust business plans.

How We Do It

The role of FoodServeX is geared to providing independent objective advice; another “set of eyes” and an experienced resource so as to assist our clients develop robust business plans to increase revenue and improve profit.

Understanding client requirements and business processes are the key to managing our assignments and implementing the most cost effective solutions.

Assignments vary from knowledge intensive projects, to high level overviews and broad-based projects.

We in essence undertake some of the “leg work” required and propose solutions aligned to client’s strategy and key business drivers for to them evaluate and make informed decisions whilst freeing up existing resources to go about their day-to-day tasks.

Assignment Process

  1. Initial Client Contact – Meet with Client to understand business / agree brief
  2. Review Client Brief – review brief criteria, deliverables, duration
  3. Initial Approval – confirm objectives, methodology and deliverables
  4. Final Approval / Authority to Proceed – includes remuneration, contracts, confidentiality agreements, terms
  5. Execution– includes agreed periodical WIP reviews
  6. Final Submission – final submission and recommendations to Client
  7. Post Assignment Review – Review outcomes vs. agreed objectives / deliverables and gain Client feedback

We put our clients first to meet their high expectations, conversing and building rapport with key stakeholders to deliver tangible value through a consistent focus and service delivery excellence.

We also have relationships with “subject matter” experts across a range of disciplines, to compliment the work we do with our clients.

The FoodServeX approach allows for flexibility of arrangements aligned to client budgets.

Contact us for a confidential chat to discuss how we can potentially assist your business.