Away from Home Channel Development

The Company

Dilmah an international family-owned beverage company established over 30 years became the first producer owned brand in the world that harvested, processed and packed at the source to become the third largest tea brand the world.

Dilmah traditionally had serviced its customers within its growing Australian market through Retail and Foodservice agencies but recently set up its own operations to manage its Australian business.

The Challenge

Having set up its own operations initially focusing on its Retail business in Australia and no longer represented by its Foodservice agency the Client required an initial evaluation for the establishment of its own viable Away from Home distribution operation with the key objective to recommend an agreed “best way forward “.

How it was resolved


Project was to provide the following analysis –

  • Determine the size of Tea category in the Australian Away from Home markets (Revenue / Volume)
  • Identify competitor Tea Manufacturers and Suppliers within all customer /product segments
  • Identify ,confirm and prioritise end-user customer segments and major account opportunities
  • Identify and confirm customer segment requirements in respect of product range, quality and price
  • Identify Specialist and broad based distributor options both on a national and state basis
  • Prepare CRM Strategy and structure recommendations to service the market
  • Quantify costs, resource requirements, revenue and market share projections
  • Develop Risk and Growth analysis incorporating client relative business strengths in terms of existing product range and New Product Development capability

Conducted industry research analysis, data and intelligence gathering, 1:1 Meetings with Major customers, end-user field visits and discussions with relevant stakeholders.

The results achieved

Provided quantitative volume and value data for overall Away from Home market by product category in respect of market size, per capita consumption, key distributors and competitors share.

Identified key end-user customer segments, major customers, product, price and quality requirements to service these segments inclusive of relative competitor strengths.

Recommendations enabled  Client  to implement initiatives around people investment, training,  brand leverage, BTL marketing initiatives, customer data base development, new products , distribution and customer prioritisation.

“Chris was contracted to conduct an in-depth review of the “out of home- hospitality channel” and identify commercial opportunities within the beverage category for our business. His findings and recommendations were invaluable to our organisation, as we “launched” the Dilmah brand into this domain.

Bill McEwan – General Manager Dilmah Australia