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FoodServeX, a unique consultancy providing independent advice to food & beverage manufacturers, distributors and suppliers to help them grow their businesses specifically in the Australian Away from Home (AFH) channel.

The AFH channel represents the end-to-end supply chain servicing businesses at which prepared food or beverages are sold for consumption on or off-premises.

Volatile markets can represent a defining moment for a business – responding to unexpected market challenges as a result is what good businesses do, it requires a rethink…. we exist to help clients navigate change.

Opportunities exist but navigating a route to market to AFH buyers, and managing the logistical complexities of the channel has changed and now requires a different strategy.

Chris Catchlove

Managing Director
Over 30 years experience in the Australian FMCG food and beverage industry.


AFH channel forecast to grow at a significantly faster rate than the Retail channel in future years.

Rethink your business model.

Independent Objective Advice

Market disruption and volatility has redefined the AFH channel …. what’s changed?

  • Increased overlap, blurring of the lines in terms of where retail, foodservice, Route, P&C, B2B and B2C operators play in terms of customer reach
  • Consolidation of manufacturers, end-user operators and distributors
  • Increased appetite for mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures
  • Increased “away from home” eating “at home” – Home Delivery platforms / On Line Ordering / Meal Kits

Looking for answers to grow – start a conversation, ask questions, expand your horizon and get creative …. what will your business look like?

We can help you move in the right direction and set your business apart through understanding what the trends mean, defining your customer value proposition and capitalising on your key strengths.

FoodServeX expertise can unlock channel, product and customer opportunities within your existing capability, resources and product range as well as new commercial initiatives.

Start, Scale and Grow

We can help you rethink your business model and deliver a brand-new proposition that will be successful over time driven by culture, alignment, leadership and teamwork around client optimisation of its human, information and organisational capital.

We have delivered successful commercial outcomes for clients, working with them to identify AFH opportunities, best in class service capability, mitigate risks and grow share, revenue and profit.

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